Restoration Children's Home Uganda (RCHU) / What We Do

1. Education
we provide education to all the children under our program. This is done by providing scholastic materials (books, pens, school uniforms and much more), we provide school fees to our kids especially for those in secondary schools and candidate classes who may need to pay for extra lessons and other school dues.

The majority of our children are under the free government program of school (Universal Primary Education-U.P.E and Universal Secondary Education –U.S.E)
However, this is not a good platform for our children to have a good future in education because in this free government program children have poor performances nationwide and it is some of the reasons why want to construct our own school for the orphanage. Donate today, $5 dollars are enough for a child’s school dues.

2. Medication
we are responsible for the health of all the children under our orphanage program, initially we are reaching out to the government hospitals in case of any emergencies that may occur in the lives of our dear little ones.

We have constantly experienced problems of lack of drugs in government health institutions especially Bunyiiro Health Centre 3. Currently, we hope to hire an orphanage doctor who will be on standby in case of any emergencies.

3. Shelter
we are providing shelter to the 30 orphanage children in rented house where we pay $50 a month. This rented house is too small to accommodate all the 50 children in our program.          »» Read More

4. Hands On Skills
much as our children are getting education, we saw it it better to empower them with practical skills to avoid unemployment. This is because the education syllabus of Uganda is so poor; it produces job seekers instead of job creators.
We believe the life for our kids will be so different because once they attain these skills; they will be able to earn a living.

We train the children how to make crafts, re-usable sanitary pads, and making of other of products like Vaseline, liquid soap, paper bags. Agriculture being the back bone of Uganda, we train our children to do farming like growing of crops and rearing of chicken, and this season we have planted passion fruits!

5. Agriculture
When we stick to the point of leading agriculture, as one of the sustainable economic activity at the orphanage, we are strong in this because our Director Pr Musobya Brian Jessy has the skills required for this economic venture to be a success.
He acquired a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and he is a graduate from ICT University. We also have a great opportunity of the 2 acres of fertile land that bought because they favor the proper growth of crops and food crops will also be planted in order to reduce the costs on food.