Sunday School

Challenges in the Sunday school department

We thank God, that our Sunday school teachers aren't timid, they have a mind that challenges make us grow and they too are part of life, and patience brings solution for every challenge. For all the challenges we request for your prayers and support.

these are seen in some of the families where our Sunday school children come from. The majority of the parents and guardians of our Sunday school children are not Christians and some times they restrict them from being participative in all the Sunday school classes and activities.

much as the number of Sunday school children is increasing daily, we only have two children's bibles! We wish all our Sunday school children each to own a Bible for effective learning and studying the word of God. Children bibles are so good and they make learning easier for the kids due to the simple English in them and they also have pictures which make them attractive to the kids.

due to the call the Lord gave us of helping young children to know God and also experience God's Love, we have seen many needy children run to us. There are those who come, others are brought to us and those we meet during our door to door outreaches, funds are not enough for us to raise support to them.

It is really hard on our side.
30 orphans in a rental house, the 20 in foster care and it is hard to reach out to others in need. We therefore solicite for your support, $100 are enough for education, food and clothes for an orphan in Restoration Children's Home Uganda.