Restoration Children's Home Future Plans

1. School Construction

The school will be established purposely for the children in our orphanage to acquire education but studying in a godly environment (we shall teach them basing on the National Education Syllabus of Uganda but also include Bible Lessons for the young children).

2. Hospital Construction

The hospital will help to address the community need of Better health in the community of Bunyiiro, many people and Christians inclusive lack treatment, some of these people don’t require spiritual power for their healing but medicine, and there is premature death in many people due to lack of treatment. We believe the hospital will be of great impact to the village of Bunyiiro and the whole sub county of Nawanyingi as well. We already have our students in church who are performing highly in science subjects and they have a dream and passion of being doctors and nurses, these are our first priorities to work in the hospital project.

3. Bible School Construction

We are in the greatest struggle of preaching and restoring the truth about the word of God, and the LORD gave us a word in Ephesians 4:14-15 where we base for fulfillment of all this. Teaching (explaining the word of God) to the believers will only bring the restoration God wants to see, it’s the reason for the Bible school we wish to construct. We thank the Holy Spirit, who we usually call our friend! For He has enabled us meet our dream desires into reality.

4. Orphanage Home Construction

We need to bring in all the children we are responsible of in one shelter. We have 50 orphans we are looking after, of which 30 are in the rented house while the 20 are with their grandparents. The new building will be just enough to accommodate all the kids in our orphanage program.