Church Events

1. Children's Day

Ever and of always, our Children's Days are used as a platform for the kids to learn the word of God and also for them to have fun. We teach them God's word, they use all senses to learn! They listen, watch and also practically participate during their lessons. We involve them in games/Skits according to the topic, coloring pages are also involved in their learning and this makes them understand better.

The Children's Day Events occur annually and we are glad that each year they are positively different and impactful in the spiritual life of the children.

In 2018, we had our Children's Day on 14/7/2018

and the theme was "Forgiveness"

The Children learnt about forgiving one another, we had 219 kids reached to with the word of God, that's not all! Each child had a plate of food (rice, Irish, meat), Soda and a cake. We also gave out books, pens, pencils to the kids and our orphanage kids inclusive.

Children's Day 2019

Pragmatically, our Children's Days offer results year after year. There was a very greater impact in the Children's ministry through the Children's Day Event that took pics on 20/7/2019.
This time around we had 315 Children reached to with the word of God, the theme for the Children's Day Event of 2019 was "Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the world".

We instilled in them a mind that regardless of all the prophets who came, the priests, kings,there was still a promised savior. A person who had no sin, who became a curse in order for man to be redeemed from death!!
It was so amazing during the time when the kids had skits about the story of redemption, they also had coloring pages and they practically learnt. Thank you our donors who made this happen again, many blessings await for you from the Lord 🙏

2. Love Sunday

AS Christians we have a debt that we owe our God, matter of the fact that we can't pay that debt, but we have to keep showing the concern of paying that debt. The debt is LOVE. Therefore Truth restoration church organizes annual Love Sundays where we host brethren from all possible networks of the world regardless of which religious denominations, we pray together and also eat together.

We also share our belongings with those in need especially our orphans under Restoration Children’s Home Uganda (Proverbs 11:24, Proverbs 20:35, 1John 4:11). During love Sunday events, gifts like food, clothes, medical care and much more are all reached to the needy people like the orphans and the Elderly. We also allocate time for reconciliation moments where we identify broken up families and we bring them together or emphasizing forgiveness among brethren who might have separate, hurt one another or those who may have wronged one another.

The motto for love Sunday events is “Love Heals” (Hebrews 13:1) we invite many people on this day regardless of the religion and we praise God together, through exhibiting this brotherly love we have seen many people getting saved and they give their life to Jesus Christ to be their own lord and savior!


- If Life is short where is the time to hate one another?

- Why do we pray in love but still live in hate and think we are worshipping God?

- Forgiveness is not something we do for others, it is something we do for ourselves to get better and move on. If you’re planning for revenge dig two graves, one for yourself.