Church Ministries

Church Ministries / Evangelism

We have been able to organize outreach gospel crusades and leadership conferences by partnering with other pastors especially those from beginner churches that’s;

Nawankonge Redeemed Church in Nawankonge Village, Omega Christian centre in Bukaye Village, Namunkesu Pentecostal Church in Namunkesu village all in Iganga District. We have moved from Iganga District to BUYENDE DISTRICT in Apostles church in Buyende district, Irundu town. Through all these missions over 200 people have accepted Jesus Christ and we leave them under the care of the churches we partner with. We have been able to groom visionary leaders who are committed to doing God’s work (Romans 12:7).


The Children's Days aren't only for the kids to feed and have fun, NO! The impact from the Children's Day Events is best known by first of all understanding how we get all these kids to attend our events?

There is strategic mobilization made by the Sunday school teachers a month before the event, the mobilization is made through door to door outreaches. This is acompained by preachings to the children who they find in all the respective homes they visit, they ask for permission from their parents on behalf of the children to let them attend the event. (an open official invitation is made)

By the knowledge of the Holy Spirit of God, this is the reason behind the increasing attendance of Children during the events and they all come from different religions beliefs.

The company they find, the fun and the Love all this spiritually draws them to God during and after the event. It is us to sow and water the seed in them but it is God who makes the seed (word) to grow in them (1 Corinthians 3:7)

Next is Followup:
This is made by both the Sunday school memebers and their teachers. They followup their friends whom they were with in the lessons and celebrations during the Children's Day event!

They really love to know why they didn't come back for the service after the event and so they inspire them, where need be they persuade their parents to allow the kids who accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior to attend the Sunday school classes and that's if the parents are the hindrances for the children not to attend.

Through all this, we have seen steady increase in the number of Sunday school children year by year especially after these events.