About Us

Truth Restoration Ministries (TRM)

Truth Restoration Church was started by Pastor Musobya Brian Jessy during his door to door outreaches in Nawanyingi Subcounty. Many had accepted Jesus Christ but there was no near by church, the only Pentecostal church nearby was 4km and this was a long distance for young children and elder people to walk.

Without any structure, this church was started under a tree and we fellowshiped for 6 months, we later established a temporary church building where are currently.

Past 6 years now, we managed to purchase 2 acres of land where we are constructing a temporary church building of 50ft in width and 80ft in length, it will accommodate 300 people!

As a church, we have managed to purchase poles, nails plus other building materials but there is great need of 200 Iron Sheets to roof the God's house and this will cost $1300 to purchase Iron Sheets of gauge 32.

We pray that God will speak to your heart and raise a hand to make this happen, right now the roof poles are just bear and exposed to rain and sunshine, sadly the roof will break up if there is a delay in roofing the church structure