Church Ministries

Children Ministry

The need to help young children to know God has drawn us much emphasis in the children ministry and also that the powers of darkness are now targeting children yet they are the future. God's grace has been sufficient helping all the Children who are engaged in our programs.

There is continuous increase in the number of children in the Sunday school year after year, this has called for more Sunday school teachers, 2013-2016 we had Kagoya Viola as the teacher of the Sunday school, from 2017 to date she is now assisted by Mwesigwa Ivan and Kadioli Gerald.

The Children's Days are are the leading and high scaling factor for the increase of children in the Sunday school department as this is the platform to preach to the children.

Young children want to have fun, gifts, meals and they need to get the word of God which is their light (Psalm 119:105) so by this we follow a quote

- "What young people want"
- "What young people need"

We use the wants of the children to get them the need (the word of God)

Good News!! We now have high attendances of children in the Sunday school department, 149 children are registered in the Sunday school department with the orphanage kids inclusive.