About Us

Restoration Children's Home Uganda (RCHU)

RCHU is a registered community based Organisation both at Sub- County and district levels.
It was formed by Truth Restoration Ministries after acknowledging that the the HIV/AIDs is epidemic in Uganda and it can be effectively contained under concerted efforts of an organisation.

RCHU started in the year 2013 by looking after 9 orphans whom we registered during our door to door evangelism in Nawanyingi Sub-County. These children were from the same family but living a miserable life without shelter, food yet they needed parental care that they lacked after the loss of their parents in a motor accident (6 girls and 3 boys)

The Sunday school ministry became so active, we had many children attending our Sunday school lesson but the majority were needy people. We now realized what God had put on our hearts, helping young children to know God and also help them experience God's Love.

Need aroused as we had orphans who needed God's love and as time moved, we started looking after 50 orphans where the 30 are solely in our hands (they are sheltered in a rented house) while the 20 are fostered by their grand parents. Yet, still this is not a solution because the grand parents are also needy people but because the house we rent is too small to accommodate all the 50 children.

We are glad that each and every day we are walking the call, the tough call that God gave us of helping young children to know God and also experience God's Love. We are unable to reach out to many children who are brought to us and the cause of all the inabilities is limited resources. The killer disease HIV/AIDs is responsible for the increasing number of orphan children in Iganga District and Uganda as a country. The children in RCHU are either affected or infected with this deadly disease HIV/AIDs.