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Children's Day {2019}

Director { Pr. Musobya B. Jessy }

Addressing Children at Children Day, 2019

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Welcome to Truth Restoration Ministries (TRM)

We believe the bible to be given by inspiration of the Holy spirit, infitiable
and God's revieled word to man.

Truth Restoration Ministries is a Church locate in Nawanyingi Sub County, Iganga District. Founded in 2012, by Pr. Musobya Brian Jessy.

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Restoration Children's Home Uganda (RCHU)

RCHU is a Community Based Organization which was founded by TRM after acknowledging that the AIDS epidemic in the region (Iganga) and Uganda atlarge can be effectively contained only under concerted effort of an organisation

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How Restoration Children's Home Helps

Here are some of the programs
we do at RCHU in order to help the 50 orphans in our care so far.



RCHU provides education facilities to the orphan both in our shelters and those living with their guadians. The orphans are also provided with scholastic materials.

→ Shelter

RCHU cuurently provides shelter to 50 orphans. 30 of these ones are provided with shelter and accomodation and the other 20, are cared of from their needy guardians.

→ Hands on Skills

We provide Hands on Skills lessons to Orphans. They learn to make Crafts, beads, Vastline, Soap, Modern Agriculture farming methods among other.

Some Of the Bible Teachings

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